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PeakHour review: Save yourself from the headaches of network troubleshooting

PeakHour offers very affordable bandwidth monitoring for home and small business network administrators. You can use it with pdf document scanner on your iPhone. Many of us have been volunteered by family or employers and sometimes spend hours on problems that could easily be solved with the right information.

PeakHour collects all kinds of online statistics from various sources. Similar to the inexpensive tools built into macOS, you can monitor data going in and out of your Mac. It presents this data as a floating graph in the menu and clicking on the menu displays graphs and other visual and numerical displays. But this description barely scratched the surface. The

PeakHour can also communicate with consumers and advanced routers and other devices on your network for a continuous stream of bandwidth statistics. In my home network, my main TP-Link router provides this information via UPnP (Universal Plug and Play). PeakHour detected the router using the automatic installation feature and allowed me to add it in a few clicks. (PeakHour supports UPnP and SNMP v1, v2, and v3.)

By monitoring bandwidth usage directly online—between you and the Internet—you can quickly determine when your Internet connection is down. You can also track your total bandwidth usage with relative accuracy, which is useful for ISPs with service restrictions or overage fees. PeakHour allows you to set alarms to notify you when you are approaching your limit or payments.

You are not limited by your router's bandwidth or your Mac's data transfer. PeakHour recommends monitoring Internet activity during installation by logging travel times to a remote server, such as a public DNS site. This latency graph helps you distinguish between network bandwidth latency (lack of data flow) and internet characteristics (slow response or lots of dropouts and dropped packets).

PeakHour also supports more esoteric settings. My network has the dreaded "double NAT" where my ISP provides one router that I connect to another: the ISP's router doesn't have all the features I need, but it works with the optical network I have. unique software support is used. Most routers don't have it. PeakHour mocks the problem and allows me to get internet compatibility for these two deep ISP routers as well as the local network.

Alternatively, you can install the free PeakHour plug-in on other Macs on your network to act as a network proxy and monitor data usage and network response. (Technically, it configures the SNMP software on macOS.) If Macs with the extension are signed in to the same iCloud account, PeakHour will automatically find them and recommend adding them. On the other hand, the implementation of an integrated web server allows remote access to PeakHour statistics.

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